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Our products

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Desks & Tables

Custom made conference tables, reception desks, racetrack tables, L-shape desks, round tables, and more... 

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Cubicles & Workstations

Custom high wall workstations, low wall office workstations, call center cubicles, private or small office cubicles.

Office Supply Room


From sleek cabinets and shelving units to versatile filing systems, our designs combine functionality and style to keep your office clutter-free and productive

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Lateral, vertical, file storage hutches...

Office Furnitures


New and reupholstered conference seating, task seating, guest chairs and sofas,

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Our expertise

Our Services

One-on-one consultation

  • Design-Build Expertise: Collaborate directly with our skilled team to bring your vision to life, from conceptual designs to the final build.

  • Tailored Scheduling: Receive personalized scheduling solutions that fit your project's timeline and needs, ensuring efficient progress.

  • Accurate Estimating: Benefit from precise cost estimates that align with your budget, providing transparency and confidence throughout the process.

Custom Furniture 

  • Exquisite Carpentry Craftsmanship: Experience the artistry of our carpenters who skillfully create unique pieces, reflecting your distinct style and requirements.

  • Bespoke Workstations: Collaborate with us to design and craft personalized workstations that harmonize functionality and aesthetics for a tailored workspace.

  • Expert Re-finishing: Breathe new life into existing furniture with our refinishing expertise, revitalizing pieces to match evolving tastes while preserving their character.


  • Certificate of Occupancy Compliancy: Ensure compliance with occupancy standards through our meticulous reupholstery, meeting safety and comfort requirements.

  • Detailed As-Built Documentation: Receive comprehensive documentation detailing the reupholstery process, materials used, and any modifications, ensuring clarity for future reference.

  • Warranty Protection: Enjoy the assurance of our warranty coverage, providing peace of mind that your reupholstered furniture is built to last and withstand everyday use.

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